Private Equity

Our Private Equity Team have access to potentially limitless private equity investment opportunities whilst also being able to open the gateway to some of the most successful private equity fund managers in the world, managing funds with unique criteria normally unavailable to retail investors.

Your R.A.K. Group personal advisor can assist you in the building of a tailor-made, well balanced and diversified private equity portfolio, providing clients with the possibility of greater long-term returns via the growth of a privately held corporate entity.

The preferred – though by no means only – strategy we employ to enable our private equity investors to achieve enhanced, longer-term profits makes use of the liquidity gained by forgoing investment into public markets. Thus, a host of alternative investment opportunities present themselves, falling broadly into the four basic categories of Venture Capital, Leveraged Buyouts, Management Buy-in/out and Restructuring. Our experts will advise you and enable to make the very best investment decisions based on your own personal criteria and investment goals.