Hedge Funds

Our R.A.K. Group Hedge fund team comprises some of our most experienced and knowledgeable investment experts combining decades of hands-on experience in the fields of investment research and portfolio management. Their aim is to seek out the perfect solutions to our clients’ hedge fund requirements thereby to fulfil the investment aspirations of our client base, both corporate and private.

A good hedge fund can be a most effective risk balancing element within a well constructed investment portfolio, helping to mitigate the potential influence of adverse market movement whilst simultaneously enhancing overall returns.

In order to pinpoint potential opportunities we employ a meticulous and methodical approach to our research taking on board all aspects which could conceivably have a bearing on the operation and effectiveness of the fund; past performance, management and staff selection, portfolio flexibility and ongoing performance tracking are all taken into account and studied in the greatest possible detail.

Your R.A.K. Group personal investment advisor will discuss with you all the available options and how a hedge fund investment can fit within the overall structure of you existing portfolio. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to guide you in this and all other aspects of your investment portfolio management.

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