Financial Planning

One of the most important aspects of any individual’s life is efficient financial planning for the future. Whatever your objective, be it funding your retirement or safeguarding your inheritance for future generations, your R.A.K. Group personal advisor will guide you by formulating a strategy which will help you to achieve your goals. We will design for you a bespoke investment plan built around your own personal circumstances and aspirations, and ultimately help you to bring your dreams to fruition.


Planning for one’s retirement is a priority for almost all of our private clients, and we are approached daily for advice and guidance in this area. We offer the very best in wealth management advice to all our clients be they individuals or institutions. Your R.A.K. Group personal advisor will conduct a full, in-depth analysis of your financial assets and provide detailed advice on the best investment strategy to suit your personal requirements and your risk tolerance.

Our experts have the knowledge and experience to help you to make the right decisions regarding your future, and that of your family and dependents. All our retirement and pension strategies are tailored to your own specific needs and designed to maximise your potential for the future.


Our experience and expertise in estate and trust planning is, quite simply, second to none. Whether your concern is inheritance, wealth transfer, charitable trust formation and management, estate valuation or property management, R.A.K. Group can guide you through the complexities of local tax legislation and fiscal obligation; we have on hand an international network of associates with in-depth knowledge of all the local procedures and pitfalls in innumerable jurisdictions, enabling us to lead you towards your financial objectives by the most direct and efficient route.

R.A.K. Group offers a wide selection of trust structures each providing varying benefits and facilities. Your  personal advisor will assess your requirements and find a structure which fulfils them. Our aim is to provide wealth security for yourself and your dependents, coupled with prudent tax planning both in the present and also for your beneficiaries in the future.


Over the last few years an increasing number of more affluent families have taken to structuring their financial affairs with the help of a “Family Office”. The R. A. K. Group Family Office comprises a dedicated group of experienced advisors, well versed in a wide variety of fields relevant to family financial management and investment.

We will provide you with a personal family advisor to assist you in every aspect of asset management, property holding, estate and trust planning, and many other of the myriad complexities inherent in the efficient running of a wealthy family.

Our aim is to consolidate the management of all your various familial assets and thereby maximise the effectiveness and profitability of the enterprise as a whole. We will provide you with the expertise and the resources to plan, implement and manage all your family financial affairs in an efficient and fully transparent manner. The R. A. K. Group Family Office will also provide you with regular reports and advise upon legislative developments which may potentially necessitate an adjustment to any of your chosen financial strategies.

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