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R.A.K. Group approach to real estate executes an open architecture philosophy ensuring a diverse portfolio.


R.A.K. Group Hedge Fund team brings together our most knowledgeable expert investment professionals.


R.A.K. Group provides clients with comprehensive knowledge and guidance into specialist asset classes.


A comprehensive investment road map that will complement your desired lifestyle.

Welcome to R.A.K. Group

R.A.K. Group is an independent and exclusive private investment house headquartered in Ras al Khaimah. one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Formed in 2002, R.A.K. Group has since become one of the foremost names in the industry, attracting over $5 billion in investment capital from our global client base ranging from private high net worth individuals to corporate financial institutions. We have investment specialists in a broad range of asset classes working to construct tailor-made portfolios in order to give our clients the perfect balance between risk and return.

Each of our many and varied investment strategies is meticulously planned and supervised by its own dedicated team of experienced professionals; experts with the knowledge and skill to highlight and exploit investment opportunities in their chosen field.

Here at R.A.K. Group we believe in always putting the interests of our clients first, and we work tirelessly to build long-term client relationships based on integrity, transparency and mutual trust; this, we believe, has been the key factor in our continued success.

Our policy at R.A.K. Group is to invest almost exclusively in our own in-house investment strategies, relying on our own research and expertise to ensure that your investments achieve and exceed your expectations. We will not suggest an investment strategy to any of our clients unless we ourselves have made a significant capital commitment to that same strategy; in this way you can be assured of our confident belief and our continued diligence in every aspect of the investment procedure.

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Our Aim

Provide the best investment expertise and support for high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, families and institutions.

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